Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Roadtrip

Happy Easter everyone!  This post is about a little tale.

Not that tail.  It's a tale about a whirlwind trip to Kansas, about a quick but lovely visit with loved ones, about getting a few things done in between several hours on the road, and about eating way too much incredible food (prepared by my culinary-gifted mother in law).

It really did taste as good as it looked. 

We got to see my adorable step-son!  He really dug this hole his dad created when he fixed a leaking hydrant on the old ranch.

In a matter of only hours we were back on the road again.  Sophie loves road-trips but even this was a little too much for her.

She does have a face, by the way.

When we got back we had to make a quick run out to the land to put up some address signs to get ready for inspections.  We could see rain in the mountains all around us.

It was a beautiful day!  Nicole helped out by painting the letters on our temporary address signs.  There's no way anyone can miss our place now!

We saw the sign, and it opened up our eyes.


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