Monday, April 21, 2014

Hole-y Ground

While our trenching adventure dug up a lot of dirt, we still needed to make up some ground.  We spent the next weekend making even more progress on our new place!

We left early in the morning with the Bobcat in tow.

We marked our spots for our pressure tank pit (for the well), the line from the well to the pit, and the last line, shown below, is the spot for our very first hydrant (this one is for a livestock tank for the horses)!

We kept part of the electrical trench open, just so we wouldn't hit it and undo all our hard worth thus far.  It would have been a shocking experience.

Around noon hubby picked up the excavator we rented.  

In only a few hours, he had made a pretty nice dent in the task at hand.

He was pretty pleased.

I can't help but smile, when I see that smile.

He got the pit dug as well as the water lines we needed trenched.

And as night fell, he excavated the last few buckets of dirt

It was a pretty neat machine and took care of the task quite easily.  Hubby liked it so much, he put it on his Christmas list.

I guess you can say, he dug it.

It's getting deep in here.


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